Customer Testimonials

I am so thoroughly pleased with the staff at Vineyard Bay Automotive. I’ve been a patron for a few months and these guys are the nicest, most reliable guys around! They’re very helpful in explaining what is wrong with your vehicle and I feel their prices are fair. Vineyard Bay is very happy to help their customers. They call me by my name when they answer my phone calls. On one occasion Gabe (really nice) offered and drove from their shop to the Randalls in Lakeway to help me because I couldn’t shift gears all of the sudden. He easily made the car drivable so I could take it to their shop. Just recently Vineyard did some major work on my husband’s car and two weeks later we had some difficulty with the car. Vineyard bay towed the car from where it was, carried it to their shop, fixed what was wrong and didn’t charge us a DIME since it was related to the work they had recently done. They didn’t even charge us for the TOW! THAT is amazing to me when I feel most places will charge you something anytime something goes wrong. I have recommended Vineyard Bay to all of my friends and family and I hope this report will encourage you to give them a shot and help them continue to build their business in the area. Call and ask for Ryan. He’ll be your “best friend” from the start! I am SOLD on Vineyard Bay and you won’t regret calling them!

Verry Happy,
Lisa C. • Lakeway, TX

Incredible! On price, on time and perfect results… I highly recommend V-Bay to anyone who is looking for an honest bunch of guys doing a great job. Thanks Gabe!

Len C. • Austin, TX

Great automotive shop with friendly staff and good prices. I came in after I noticed that my car was leaking coolant. The guys diagnosed the issue and were able to make the necessary repairs while I waited. Other shops could have taken advantage of the situation and charged me for a new radiator or worse, these guys were honest and affordable. Integrity and customer service are hand in hand here. Thank you for your help.

Samantha H. • Austin, TX

Robert is a very experienced and thorough mechanic. When another shop told me they couldn’t do the job, I found these guys got the job done. They don’t charge for diagnostics like everyone else. It took longer than I thought but they didn’t charge anymore than the estimate. I would recommend without hesitation.

Doctor R. • Austin, TX

Finally an honest and reasonable car mechanic and service in Lakeway. Highly recommend these guys.

Edwin J. • Austin, TX

These guys are great!! I’ve been here a couple of times now, and I just felt like this time deserved a review. I’ve had my brakes and AC worked on here before, but this last visit was by far the very last time any shop other than vineyard bay automotive comes anywhere near my vehicles! I have a big diesel pick up, and it broke down in cedar park, so I shipped it to the closest shop that advertised diesel repair. They came back with a very convincing estimate outlining exactly what we needed to get back on the road. It was a long list costing me $2800.00 and about a week without my baby. What I decided to do was sleep on it and make a calm decision in the morning. Well, thank God I did! I decided to call Gabriel at Vineyard Bay Automotive, and just see what he said. He towed my truck at his expense to his shop, looked it over, diagnosed it and fixed it for $1600.00!! Apparently, he was able to pinpoint the issue and attack it at the source, as opposed to replacing the entire system and hoping for the best. I love these guys! I would obviously recommend them without hesitation!

Susan B. • Austin, TX

I went in for an oil change and tire rotation two days ago. These guys were fast, friendly and professional. Also, the waiting area is comfortable and clean. Overall, I had a smooth and painless experience.

Trey T. • Austin, TX

Came in expecting expensive service, but it was close and I needed an alignment. Shockingly, the guys at the front desk were laid back, talked me through everything I was going to have done, and were very professional, AND gave me a great price! The shop was very clean and comfortable–I need an oil change in a few months and I’ll be coming back!

Sophie R. • Austin, TX

This is the best shop in Lakeway / Bee Cave for classic and muscle cars. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my car.

I recently bought a 1979 Trans Am Firebird that was overhauled a few years ago with a new Chevy 383 500HP engine, Edelbrock intake, Holley 870cfm carburetor and many other performance racing parts under the hood. I initially took it to a different service shop in the heart of Lakeway for a general check over. The most pressing issue at the moment was a ticking/puffing sound coming from the top portion of the engine. I couldn’t pinpoint it myself as a lifter, stuck valve, etc., so, I wanted a professional to have a look. The other shop told me it would take many hours to figure out the problem, and that they would probably have to start breaking down the engine to find it. They also gave me a long laundry list of other services that would need to be performed including overhauling the entire brake system – shoes, hardware, drums, wheel cylinders and bearings. Expensive! Plus, they said it would take many weeks to perform all of these services.

Instead, I went to Vineyard Bay Automotive up the road on 620. Not only do they do excellent work, but they’re extremely honest and live by their motto of service with integrity. Turns out, that ticking/puffing noise was only a bad header gasket. Exhaust was leaking out of the header creating that noise. No engine tear down needed to diagnose the problem. Just an expert master mechanic with a good attitude who wants your business and who can diagnose it correctly the first time.

Brake overhaul needed at Lakeway Texaco? Only if I’m going for a complete restoration. What did I need right now just to make it a good cruiser again? Just a new master cylinder with a cleaning and adjustment.

How long did it take Vineyard Bay Auto to do this? Just 2 business days. They had the parts needed by the end of the day and had my car ready at the end of the next business day. Awesome! Back to cruising within a couple of days.

Oh, and the owner of Vineyard Bay Automotive even personally drove me home that morning back into Lakeway. That’s sweet service.

Justin S. • Austin, TX